Joanne Daly

Medical Director (and Carlisle Locality GP Lead):

Originally from Birmingham, I trained at Sheffield and then spent several years in the Birmingham area training in Accident & Emergency. About 18 months before becoming a Consultant in A&E,  I made the move to General Practice- a decision I have never regretted.  I spent 11 years working as a GP partner at a well-respected training practice in inner-city Birmingham where the focus was on providing high quality, whole-person care to the person and their family in the context of the challenges of a multi-cultural inner city area where there was a significant level of deprivation. My experience in Birmingham has shaped my work and vision as a GP ever since.

I moved to Carlisle 11 years ago for family reasons and worked as a GP Partner at a practice in Carlisle before moving to Eden Medical Group in April 2021.

What brings job satisfaction? Seeing team members grow to their potential….developing systems which enable high quality, patient centred care ….and walking alongside patients as they go through their life-journey.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with family, walks in the country and am an active member of my local church