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North Cumbria Primary Care Alliance

Our Vision; ‘Developing sustainable, fully integrated primary care, built locally, delivered together’.

A new model for primary care. Practices joining North Cumbria Primary Care (NCPC) are known as ‘Alliance practices’. NCPC is a company limited by shares and will operate as a not for profit organisation with strong financial governance and management. Any surpluses will be reinvested to develop the clinical model and support our staff. The shareholders are local GPs.


Patient Participation Groups have been kept informed of NCPC developments. We are assured that the new scheme will have public involvement in its management alongside staff and third sector bodies.  Having a voice in the management of the company running affairs will mean we are better able to influence decisions.

Neil Robson, Chair, Patient Participation Group, Seascale Health Centre

We look forward to the opportunities that working more closely with other practices will create and hope that being part of a larger collaborative organisation will allow us to innovate and develop services which meet our patients’ existing and future needs.  Becoming part of NCPC will allow us to work in a different way, but maintain our own identity and the special relationship we have with our own patients.

Mike Hunter - Manager, Queen Street Medical Practice

The Alliance was born out of a need to support general practitioners within a recruitment crisis. What has evolved has the prospect to be so much more; a chance to provide good quality medical care with multiple new and exciting ways to both deliver it and support GPs. The outcome for the patients will be enhanced access across a wider spectrum of health care professionals. For the current GPs it's an opportunity for a sustainable working environment and perhaps most importantly, an attractive opportunity for new health care professionals..

Dr Fiona Ironside, Lowther Medical Centre


Voreda House, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7QQ