Our offer

The NCPC Difference

All NCPC GPs are employees, meaning that all financial risks, responsibilities and liabilities sit with our not for profit limited company, not with the individual partners.

Our organisation is led collaboratively, with an efficient head office support function. This means that we can offer limitless flexibility and development within our roles, with colleagues able to benefit from incentives such as annualised hours, clinical portfolio working, ongoing training to support career development, and dedicated time to lead continuous improvement initiatives.

Salaried GP Partner

The title may seem slightly contradictory, but we have taken the advantages of being a GP Partner and combined them with the protection, income security and insulation from risk that being an employee brings.
Our Salaried Partners are key members of our practice leadership team, with additional responsibility for the development, quality and delivery of our services. Responsibilities for clinical leadership, training, safeguarding, service development, safety and quality are shared amongst our Salaried Partners.

There is a real opportunity for those who choose, to lead and influence what we do and how we do it, just like a traditional GP Partner.

Salaried GP

Our Salaried GP’s work closely with our team of Salaried Partners, ANP’s Practice Nurses and Pharmacists to deliver care in one of our seven different Practices. There are roles for experienced GP’s, on the national retention scheme and for newly qualified practitioners the GP Fellowship scheme offers support for those wishing to develop their leadership or clinical portfolio. We work closely with UCLAN and support their MBBS and Physician Associate studies courses, so there is the opportunity to develop teaching skills with us too.